The gardeners of the XXI century. Seminar HS21.

The gardeners of the XXI century. Seminar HS21.

“The gardeners of the XXI century,

have realised that they can no longer work alone. They know too many things and know too well what they don’t know. They have understood that the XXI century will be the century of collective intelligence. They are aware of the potentiality of the garden as part of the humans’ ecosystem and that it must be accessible to everyone in many forms; but they know it will only be possible if its complexity is understood as a common endeavour, as a never-ending shared journey towards wisdom.”

The gardener of the twenty-first century Teresa Galí-Izard, CCCB, Barcelona (2021)

During this Seminar Week we will travel to the Garden of the XXI century in Senan, Spain, a two-hour drive from Barcelona. 

We will dive into the toolbox of the future gardeners, learning and developing fieldwork methods together with local practitioners and scientists. These methods — such as soil health testing, vegetation surveys and analysis of forest practices — help us as designers both to reveal the potentials of the site and to understand the effects of our interventions. Throughout the week, we will sharpen our senses, translate our observations, and build a collective understanding of a specific site, reflecting on the urgent question: Who are the gardeners of the XXI century?

The gardeners of the XXI century poster. Seminar week HS21 © Chair of Being Alive, 2021.