13.05.2021 | Charting the Alive. Chair of Being Alive, Università Roma Tre

13.05.2021 | Charting the Alive. Chair of Being Alive, Università Roma Tre

13 May 2021, 15:00 – 18:00 (CEST) | online

Chair of Being Alive (Luke Harris, Cara Turett and Bonnie-Kate Walker) lecture as part of the Symposium organized by Annalisa Metta and Marco Ranzato at the Architecture Department of Roma Tre University in collaboration with the American Academy in Rome. With Mathur / Da Cunha, Chair of Being Alive, and Studio Folder, in conversation with Jean-Marc Besse and Emanuele Coccia.

Drawing the morphology of a tree in a forest © Chair of Being Alive, 2021.

“Greening is the leitmotiv flooding discourses, washing over politics, sparkling as the cure-all. Greening bathes design as well. To this chromatic reductionism we entrust the whole of the living. But to represent life, associate it with a color is the simplest and most effective of prisons, i.e. a flat reference to a vague idea of some nature somewhere.

Three living, human collectives—Anuradha Mathur and Dilip Da Cunha, based in Philadelphia and Spring 2021 Mercedes T. Bass Landscape Architects in Residence at the American Academy in Rome, Chair of Being Alive based in Zurich, and Marco Ferrari and Elisa Pasqual, founders of Studio Folder, based in Milan—accepted to share their practice of charting the alive and their ongoing conversation with the intelligence and the arbitrariness of both the human and non-human. At times, this involves handcrafting the tools and the board on which the other, alive, is noted. At times, this means reviewing the rewriting techniques, because the other demands learning its own language of life.

Their mapping returns a motion that gives our eyes a jolt reverberating in our minds, leading us to recall the experience, taking us back through something that happened and is still alive. Anything but a prison.”

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